Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gurutej Kaur Khalsa
"Sat Nam and thank you, love - So fun and loved your questions as they popped up great. I look forward to what we will do together again."Blessings, Gurutej

For thousands of years in India, the sacred science and technology behind ancient Kundalini – the yoga of awareness that uses posture-exercises, breathing, and sound -  had been veiled in heavy secrecy and shared only with a select few.  Gurutej Kaur Khalsa is one of the chosen few.

Having studied under the Yogi Bhajan, who has been credited for bringing Kundalini into the United States, Gurutej is one of only a handful of Kundalini Yoga Masters in the world.  Her Sikh name translates to mean “the one who brings you from darkness into light at the speed of light” gives you just a glimpse of what you can expect from Gurutej whose personal mission is to help make YOU your own energy guru!

Gurutej practices and integrates Kundalini yoga into every day life, knowing first hand how it balances body, mind, and spirit.  As a foremost authority on this ancient form of physical and mental discipline, she has taught people for over 40 years how to connect to their essence using healing, meditation, chanting, and yoga which has been said to mean integration/union of the soul with the Cosmos and the Supreme Being.

Known as the Energy Guru, Gurutej has known since she was only six years old that she wanted to lead others to their own inner self.   For 17 years she taught and created yoga centers throughout Canada and today, is the co-founder of The Golden Bridge Yoga Center in Los Angeles as well as a gallery artist, a prolific writer, and the creator of several yoga products including two which have been listed as the top 10 yoga DVD’s of all time.

Her commitment to community outreach, philanthropy, conscious living, and homeless children is tireless.  Having been featured in magazines such as Vogue and L.A. Yoga, and on networks such as The Discovery Channel and MTV, Gurutej is a natural born leader and a visionary whose energy brightens up everyone’s day.  As a mother,  her greatest achievement is having successfully raised two consciously aware adult children, who like her, take great pride in their commitment to making the world a better place.

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