Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Reverend Dr. Louise-Diana

"I feel very blessed to participate in this series, Michelle.  The quality and integrity that you put into these calls really is to be valued and appreciated, so thank you so much for having me." ~ Reverend Dr. Louise-Diana
Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana has been quoted as saying, “Let us be reminded to pause every day and give thanks.”  -- To which I say, "Amen."

As the creator of the personal growth concept Inner Fitness, Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana holds a master’s degree in theology and a Ph.D. in comparative religion.  She is a yoga therapist, certified clinical hypnotherapist and ordained Science of Mind Minister who believes consciousness, core-values and compassion result in inspired individuals who wish to live from a deeper truth.

Known for her uplifting yoga style, integration of music, and moving meditation with dance. Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana's private practice is based in Los Angeles and also extends out into speaking engagements, corporate trainings, and life-affirming healing retreats. Her over 30 years of experience in helping people transform their lives, control stress, and achieve balance, harmony and peace of mind teaches strategies and skills for authentic living

As a former actress in the New York theatre as well as in film and television, Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana is a former protégé of Stella Adler as well as member of the famed Actor’s Studio. This training along with her years of living in London, Israel and India have helped her deeply understand our global world of consciousness, giving her a deep respect for diversity which is so necessary in this present world.

Her unique way of helping individuals transcend their self-imposed limitations has motivated thousands of individuals to honor their ideal life that reflects their passions, values, and dreams. As a recognized authority for her work on issues of health and consciousness, Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana is an advocate for personal responsibility and divine education.

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