Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Donna Eden

"I love your laughter, and I love your energy, Michelle!" ~ Donna Eden
For over 30 years, Author and Energy Medicine Expert, Donna Eden has helped her students heal by using their body’s most potent forces – energy – which she has taught is the most organic, natural, and safest medicine there is.

When she was turning 4 years old, Donna’s mother, who was very psychic and who saw and encouraged her and her siblings to see subtle energies, came down with tuberculosis and was told to get her affairs in order.  

Donna watched in fascination as her mother began to refuse all medications, knowing her body had all of the medicine it needed to heal itself.  – Then, even though she only had one working lung at the time, she trusted and allowed her self to heal back to full health.

At the age of 16, Donna came down with Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) and didn’t want anyone to be fearful of this, so she kept it a secret from even your mother, even though the pain was excruciating at times.  
By the age of 20, the reality that not everyone saw the world the way she did hit… so much so that at the age of 24, Donna’s first husband threatened to commit her to a mental institution if she ever spoke of seeing auras and colors again. (Now, years later, she can smile at this, knowing he just couldn’t come to terms with how psychic he was himself.)

By the time Donna was 27, she could hardly walk.  The M.S. progressed so much after this that 5 specialists told her the M.S. was fatal -- all of her organs were shutting down.  And even though Western medicine had written her off, she remembered what she had learned from her mother and got into concert with her own energies so she could Self heal.  
Today, Donna Eden helps others all over the world to empower and heal themselves by restoring their spirit with the realization that they’re connected to everything!

Donna is the mother of two beautiful grown daughters, Tanya and Dondi; a proud grandmother of her little Buddha healer grandson, Tiernan; and wife to Dr. David Feinstein whom I have come to adore in so many ways, particularly after learning from Donna’s Energy Medicine for Women book that whenever Donna use to start to get hysterical during a time of PMS, rather than say “Oh God, is it that time of month again?”  David would lovingly say instead, “Here, let me hold your triple warmer points.”   :)  big smile

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