Friday, May 13, 2011

Bob Olson

"Michelle, You're a fascinating person.  You offer some incredible services...and people should go to your website...and consider you as a practitioner."
Bob Olson is an Afterlife Investigator & Psychic Medium Development Expert who answers some of the most common questions asked about spirits, spirit communication, and the spirit world.

Bob graduated with a degree in Criminology and for 12 years worked as a licensed private investigator in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire, investigating cases involving fraud, adultery, personal injury and even murder. In fact, he worked for some of the most prestigious law firms throughout Boston, preferring evidence over conjecture in both his work and spiritual beliefs.

While growing up, Bob says he was never really sure if he believed in God, because without evidence he was cynically skeptical  -- that is until he began investigating psychic mediums and the afterlife upon the death of his father who passed away from lung cancer at the young age of 65.  

Before this painful event Bob believed all psychics were phonies and frauds and scam artists; however, now spiritual questions were beginning to ignite… questions he never considered before such as  “Is there life after death?” and “If so, what evidence exists to prove it?”

Since January of 1999, Bob, has been a leading authority on the subject of psychic mediums and the afterlife for TV, movie and documentary producers, journalists, publishers, and private investigator and law enforcement agencies. His deep words of wisdom can be found in his books Win The Battle and How To Beat Depression as well as in the forewards of The Complete Idiot's Guide To Communicating With Spirits, Consult Your Inner Psychic and The Complete Idiot's Guide To Divining The Future.

Bob Olson has been quoted as an expert in Empowering Your Life With Angels as well as How To Get A Good Reading By A Psychic Medium.  Today he trains psychic mediums all around the world on how to improve their readings and have client success.

Bob's exploration into the supernatural includes past-life regression, near-death experiences, ghosts and hauntings, channeling, energy healing, medical intuition, animal communication and so much more.  

Because evidence has always been the foundation of his work, his reputation and trusted voice in the spiritual and paranormal industry comes with high standards and deep reputational respect.

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