Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gary Malkin

Wisdom of the World
"You beautifully studied me, Michelle.  Thank you for letting me share my life and my Self." ~ Gary Malkin

Gary Malkin, a 7-time Emmy award-winning musician, composer and producer spent 14 seasons on the successful television series, Unsolved Mysteries and built up a career as a journeyman for over 1000 commercials with regional and national ad agencies and featured films, performing on the stage of the Great Hall of China in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and using his sound talent to found Wisdom of the World and speak to many hearts and souls about the creation of media medicine for the mind.
Raised in the suburbs of New York as the son of a Russian Jewish immigrant who believed strongly in being the breadwinner, from an early age on, Gary watched his father weather through the harsh times of the depression and learned the powerful programming of believing value is dependent on how much money one earns and how many awards one achieves.
When Gary was 5 years old, his Mother watched as he first discovered his gift.  He held in his little hands a toy organ and began to create melody and harmony -- taking to music like a moth to a flame -- even though no one else around him had been musical.

One day when he was 11, Gary was home sick from school and watching a TV program called The Miracle Worker when he witnessed the powerful ending near the water fountain where Helen Keller makes an intellectual connection between the substance of water and the sign language word.  – It was then Gary had a strong connection of his own, as tears spilled from his eyes and he realized how absolutely compelling the power of music can be.

Then, at the age of 21, the world as Gary had known it suddenly shattered when he witnessed the death of a little girl named Lisa, who had been like a godchild to him.  Neither he or Lisa’s father had known she was playing underneath the car, and as he and her father began to push it uphill, little Lisa's body got stuck under the wheel. 

This incident haunted Gary for 10 years and was just the beginning of many more life-changing events.

Though Gary had the career, the luxury car, the million dollar house… the wife with the baby on the way, there were still some apparent cracks in his ocean of life which continued to loosen and give way.

Yet, he remained attached to the image of success, continuing to perform his work side-by-side famous artists like Kenny Loggins and Bonnie Raitt, traveling the world and orchestrating throughout the world - from L.A. to Rome - illusively believing money and awards would always be there for life.
Today Gary Malkin is a catalyst for global healing, teaching others about the art of surrender, the power and beauty of letting go, and the insightful gifts of real and symbolic transformational death. 

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