Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jacqueline Joy

"It's been really fun, Michelle.  Thank you for your honor of this sacred technology. -- You truly do embody your company's name.  I feel your Soul!!"  ~ Jacqueline Joy
If you are open to saying YES to an expanded state of consciousness that occurs when you are aligned with the divine and the power from within, then you’re going to love Spiritual Leader, Advisor and Pioneer Star Being Jacqueline Joy, founder of Diamond Alignment   - a powerful multi-sensory experience that clears the mind, relaxes the body, and creates a total sense of Inner Peace now in 198 countries throughout the world!

When Jacqueline was 38, she thought she was invincible and had it all --> a multi-million dollar business, 4 wonderful children, excellent health, prominent leadership in her community and at her church –Then suddenly one night her world was shaken to the core when she fell to the floor and had a complete lapse of consciousness–something she can now look back on and recognize as her Soul’s Awakening call.
Debilitating anxiety attacks followed whenever she tried to step back into her former super-Jaquie role.  She became so terrified in fact, that she sought out medical help and was led to an internist who ran a bunch of tests only to find nothing wrong with her physically, yet what he did prescribe was part of her soul's path --> one hour to her SELF every day.
Intuitively, Jacqueline began to walk daily into the hills out in nature, and was reverently drawn to a fallen Oak Tree where she called out to the Heavens and asked for permission to connect.  Despite the fact that her outer world was falling apart, the beloved tree became the one place she could find relief from the difficult dismantling that was occurring of her former self.
Over several years, this divine energy helped Jacqueline understand that even though she had been a pillar in her community, a hard-working mother, and a loving, devoted wife, she was so identified with being everything to everybody she had been absent to her SELF.  
Thankfully the Call of her Soul was a beckoning home, and when she answered with an unequivocal YES one morning in her living room, she was opened and available to receive a Divine Gift that appeared as the most loving profound exquisite presence that became the beginning of the Diamond Alignment – A sacred technology for the 21st century designed to help the planet move through the portal of our Highest Possibility and embrace the evolutions of the Soul.
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