Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Christie Marie Sheldon

(After Christie helped clear a block from me, she responded by saying...) "I got chills from your story, Michelle.  I'm so glad you don't have to carry that anymore."
Christie Marie Sheldon, an intuitive and clearing energy healer will help you lift your energetic frequency to the point you'll be  asking yourself daily, “Where am I vibing at?”

Christie's done individual work on over 14,000 clients, helping others raise their spiritual vibration.  Her spiritual gifts help others get unstuck and retrieve and embrace their soul’s inner-gifts, so they’re operating with full energy capacity.

Born as an Indigo Child, Christie was raised in a little town in the Midwest and as a youngster heard many around her describe her as weird  - a term that now make her smile because she's come to know this is defined as supernatural.    

As a child, Christie  began predicting events-- like knowing her father would be in a car accident in the fog on his 13th wedding anniversary when he was nearly decapitated after a tow truck driver’s tow rope extended across the road causing her father to have to duck just as the roof of his vehicle caved in.

In fact, these predictions were sometimes so difficult to hear, Christie's mom asked her to please not to do it anymore.  Later as a teen, Christie became so confused that everything stopped making sense.

Her gifts were squashed again and again and her sensitivity to the world’s untruths brought out a lot of anger in her, causing her to rebel and act out and create what Christie describes as “continuous misery in my life.”

Soon, she began to understand that this was all happening for her greatest and highest good to help her understand why so many people in the world have the fear of being too powerful sometimes. 

After leaving home around age 20, Christie prayed for help and soon thereafter discovered a book that literally fell off the shelf and helped her understand more about the causal plane. Her life then became filled with many things… 3 houses, Rolls royces, Ferrari’s on the beach, traveling the world on private planes and growing a successful company which she held onto for 10 years before being visited by a collective beam of light beings who guided her to branch off into her 'Love or Above' business which so many know her for now.

Today Christie helps show people how to heal as she moves into their energy field and notices where and what age fear-based beliefs got stuck and helps them clear so love can flow free with peace and happiness.

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