Friday, October 28, 2011

Dr. C. Norman Shealy

When I told Norm he's a gift, he responded...  "WE are a gift, Michelle."  ~ Dr. C. Norman Shealy

As an accomplished Neurosurgeon, author and former Harvard Professor, Dr. C. Norman Shealy has a gift of blending scientific knowledge with alternative methods of healing that have transformed many lives for the better around the world.

Norm holds 13 patents in the field of Energy Medicine.  He has delivered workshops and seminars worldwide for innovative discoveries, including the TENS pain control unit which is now in demand throughout the medical community, and has published over 300 articles as well as authored 25 best-selling books to include his 2011 release Energy Medicine: the Future of Health described by Carolyn Myss as his best one ever.

By the time Dr. Shealy was just 4 years old, he knew he wanted to be a physician, and he not only pursued and met this dream, he is now one of the leading pain management experts in the world.

After entering Duke University at the young age 16 and Duke Medical School at 19 Norm began his career as an accomplished neurosurgeon, looking closely at pain and the causes of it while asking what can be done about it, why and how it affects human beings as a whole. 

Whathe discovered has been such a gift!  The treatment of chronic pain can occur without any use of narcotic medications. In fact, going to a medical doctor for drugs or surgery is only really necessary 15% of the time.

And Norm figured this out from experience, because after consulting and researching along side acupuncturists, mystics, faith healers, color therapists, and many other non-traditional therapists, he blended this new-found knowledge with his medical background to confidently conclude that while none of these methods is THE cure, almost every method contains documented history that successfully shows reduction or elimination of chronic pain.

Norm has said, ''It is the interaction of the four main fields of stress; the chemical, physical, electromagnetic, and emotional; that is the cause of all illness..,not some, all.'' 

Since then he has embarked on a lifelong quest to find ways to successfully manage chronic pain, treating patients who have otherwise been labeled as 'untreatable' and following his intuition to conclude that many patients being treated for chronic pain are also clinically depressed with low levels of DHEA - a hormone made by the adrenal glands located just above the kidneys.

Norm's wonderment and gifted mind had the need to make this connection so concrete, he went on to pursue and achieve his Ph.D. in psychology  as well as a Doctor of Science degree which led him on a path to discover something truly amazing – that in fact, with or without chronic pain, all depressed persons show a low level of DHEA and by naturally raising their DHEA levels without the use of drugs or medications, depression will disappear.

In 1971 Dr. Shealy founded the first comprehensive pain and stress management clinic in the world. The Shealy Institute was recognized for several years as the most successful and most cost effective pain clinic in the U.S. with over a 30 year period of treating over 30,000 chronically ill patients with a remarkable 85% success rate.

Now retired from seeing most patients, Dr. Shealy dedicates most of his time researching, teaching, and writing about his discoveries as well as spending time in Missouri where he has many memories of his late wife, Mary-Charlotte affectionately called Chardy who passed away in the Spring of 2011 and to whom he was married to for 52 years. He enjoys spending time today with his three children and five grandchildren. 

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