Monday, January 30, 2012

Dr. Carol Ritberger

"You were wonderfully open...  It was a true pleasure, Michelle.  Thank you for having me." ~ Dr. Carol Ritberger

Dr. Carol Ritberger, a Medical Intuitive and Author has spent more than twenty-five years researching the impact of how stress and emotions contribute to the formation of disease and whose psycho-spiritual healing model has been recognized as an innovative approach to mind body health all throughout the world. 

At the age of 37, Carol was married- with a daughter - and growing a thriving business as an independent corporate consultant. She had training in psychology, and personality typology and would provide team building and communication in businesses settings from a logical scientific point of view. 

Then one day the universe reached out to her three times… first when several teens were killed in an auto accident just feet away from her. Then just a few days later when she looked in her rear view mirror and noticed contents from her purse blowing out onto the interstate because she accidentally left it on top of the car roof, and as she got out to pick them up, an 18-wheeler nearly picked her off. And finally when she was dining out with friends and thought she had what she describes as a mild food reaction to the meal as her throat began to tighten and her body fell into a faint. 

By 2 am the next morning she drove herself to the emergency room where she remembers having an out-of-body experience. From that forward, Carol has been able to literally see human auras and where in the body pre-illness or disharmony resides in the energy field and how it affects well being.  Though her first marriage collapsed from all the change, her curious mind resisted anything that wasn't concrete with proof, yet she continued to look for answers and soon began discovering how personality and neurology are connected to chuckras, auras, and disease. 

Six years after her near-death experience she took a leap of faith and began doing readings for clients which then turned into life-long partnerships with several doctors in the medical field and allowed her to go main stream into national features like Good Housekeeping and Women’s World magazines and Extra and Healthy Living TV.

Today, Dr. Ritberger holds a Doctorate in Religious Philosophy, is a world renowned Medical Intuitive and national lecturer, a co-founder of the Ritberger Institute for Esoteric Studies with her beloved husband Bruce, and is a Hay House author of several books including Healing Happens with Your Help- Understanding the Hidden Meanings of Illness -& - Your Personality, Your Health - Connecting Personality with the Human Energy System, Chakras, and Wellness, and I'm so very happy to call her a friend.  

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