Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dr. Michael R. Smith

"I offer up a blessing of gratitude from my heart, Michelle, for spreading this (empath) awareness."  ~ Dr. Michael R. Smith

Dr. Michael R. Smith, a an innovative leader and expert of Empath intuition and experiences, an author, spiritual medium, and polarity therapist who has personally worked in the mind-body holistic healing sector for over 15 years and has spent more than a half a decade exclusively counseling and training Empaths all throughout the world. 

Michael is the founder of an online resource center for empaths called the EmpathConnection and has taught workshops on this topic both online and in-person including at the distinguished Omega Institute. 

As a trained professional counselor and former Assistant Professor of Counseling at the University of Wyoming, Dr. Smith's degrees are extensive and include…. a B.A. in Sociology, an M.A. in Educational Psychology, a Ph.D. in Counseling to include a doctoral dissertation on Spirituality in Counseling, and a certification in Polarity therapy. 

Michael has authored and co-authored several books including The Complete Empath Tool Kit – which per his words in the book, “You cannot change the fact that you are an empath. It is akin to your eye color. You either are or you aren't. It is not teachable; it’s not something to learn. However, you can learn to manage and adapt to your empathic nature.”  

Michael has helped me understand that my being an Empath means I am among those who walk in two different worlds: the world of heaven & the world of Earth. I have learned that empaths have the ability to merge their consciousness with anything easily, even if they are not aware they are doing it.

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