Friday, April 6, 2012

Margaret M. Lynch

"By far of all the interviews I do, you gave the most enthusiastic endorsement of my program that I have ever heard!  It really took me by surprise… you were so passionate and really worked through the material… Your endorsement was very sincere and personal.  Thank you for honoring me that way!"  ~ Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT®) Expert & Success Coach, Margaret M. Lynch

EFT® "Tapping" Expert & Success Coach, Margaret M. Lynch is  the author of a series of books and audio tapping programs.  Her Emotional Freedom “tapping” techniques and Success Coach expertise brings out her passion for waking people up to their limiting beliefs so they can break through their blocks around abundance and stand in their personal power. 
Margaret's clearing techniques focus on the chakras and consciousness while applying energy medicine methods, as learned from her partner, Rhys Thomas. Her EFT® acupuncture taps and teachings turn off the fight or flight response and assist in the transformation of thousands of participants around the globe. 
Yet Margaret's path was not always an easy one… Though she earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts and though she spent over 18 years in management and executive sales, earning awards with Fortune 500 companies that helped her focus on trust and fears, goal setting and intention as well as the integration of the law of attraction, once she ventured out on her own, there came a time when she was barely making ends meet.
After several years of struggle, she began to understand that at the very deepest level she was up against some obstacles that centered around wealth and worth and prevented her from achieving the miracles she so desired in her life. 

In just under 4 years time Margaret ‘tapped’ into her potential, drawing on her rich experiential and educational background, and created a down-to-earth approach that has helped her create a million dollar business using the exact same techniques she now teaches.

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