Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dr. Bill Bauman

"Michelle, I was so deeply touched by spending such sacred and blessing-filled time with you and the beautiful participants in your Soul-Felt Spirituality and Wellness Series. Because of your loving embrace and fully open spirit, I could viscerally "feel" every person and experience in ways that we were all being lifted to the heights of our spiritual potential during that special call. You embody 'soul' in such a profound and transformational way; I loved witnessing how the power of your spirit was alive and active throughout our interaction. Also, you 'captured' and grasped me in a way that few others have, thereby allowing the fullest blessings to flow from me to our beautiful participants. Thank you so much for the beauty of your person, the power of your work, and the wonder of your expression!"  --Bill Bauman

Dr. Bill Bauman, Ph.D. is a mystic, a poet, and one of the simplest people you’ll ever meet because he knows how to be.

Born sensitive and feeling the pain of life and all that was happening in his family, Bill first heard his inner voice – a voice he calls “The Moses Voice" – when he was age 13 ½ and was called to be a Catholic priest.  His adult journey began in Belgium in the 1960’s where he studied Catholic Theology. Bill then moved on to Florida and followed through by serving as a priest. Then in his 20’s and having served the church for about 18 months, Bill soon realized as much as he loved serving others, the organizational part of the church was heavy on him. He was feeling subconsciously betrayed by God and was experiencing a lot of pain, so Bill and a gorgeous nun named Donna lovingly exited the church and soon got married.
Bill is always following his heart and his inner-truth. With a doctorate in Counseling Psychology, a Master's degree in Theology, and a Bachelor's in Philosophy, Bill truly embraces life from a broad perspective and expansive vision. 
Bill's been driven to understand what it is it about being human. After parting from the church, he entered the field of psychology and for nearly two decades specialized and taught psychotherapy, wile remaining driven to explore the depth of human beings in order to help them grow. And, up to that time, Bill's identity was very human, yet the "Moses voice" boomed again and told Bill it was time to dive deep into spirituality and he listened, even though it struck him at a time when he was the least bit interested in it.  
By then Bill had a hard time letting go of being a regular loving human being. For 3 years he went through something he calls "a self-created torture." After shutting down his psychological practice, Bill moved to a brand new city and shifted first into psychological practice and then acted for awhile as a minister of religious science. 

After more nudges and urges from the "Moses Voice,'"Bill had many more experiences. From he and his wife working together on world peace, to collapsing on stage where his “old” self died and his unified self then emerged, Bill has learned to not only connect to the world around him by healing, hearing, seeing, and feeling, but he's now also using his remarkable connection to infinity to truly “be” the love and light of every one and every thing.   

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