Friday, February 22, 2013

Dee Wallace

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Actress and Manifestation Healer, Dee Wallace, was born in Kansas and rose out of the ashes of an extremely abusive and chaotic childhood that included the suicide of her father at the age of 10.

After attending the University of Kansas as an education major, Dee turned to dancing and drama as her escape and not only took on several transformational and uplifting roles such as the character of Mary, the mother of Elliott in E.T., the Extraterrestrial but she was also cast in many horror films such as playing the part of the terrorized woman in Stephen King’s Cujo that exposed the darker side of life.

Dee has described her growing career as a time when things “went too far too fast” and when her entire life “hit the floor.” Everything others had said she was had now became her identity, and her career languished for close to a decade and was followed by one of greatest tragedies of her life, the loss of her husband Christopher Stone who died from a heart attack.

Today Dee is one of Hollywood’s most successful working actresses. Through her unique style of intuitive acting, she has discovered that spiritual wisdom is what allows us to live the hopes and dreams of our life.  

Dee is the author of several books, including Bright Light: Spiritual Lessons from a Life in Acting, a biography of her journey as an actress that takes her through a method of healing that would help her rediscover her Self. As a globally recognized spiritual teacher and healer, Dee now works with thousands of people around the world to help them uncover and heal the limitations and wounds that dim their 'Bright Lights' and to help them live a fully passionate and illuminated life. 

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