Friday, February 22, 2013

Stephen Simon

"I am very grateful to you Michelle . . . It was very channeled in a lot of ways"~ Acclaimed Producer, Stephen Simon
Stephen Simon is the acclaimed producer of extraordinary films like Academy Award® Winning What Dreams May Come and the classic, Somewhere In Time as well as the co-founder of Spiritual Cinema Circle -  a global community of conscious movie-lovers, who are helping change the world... one movie at a time.

Stephen grew up during the big studio heyday of the late forties and fifties. His father, S. Sylvan Simon, was a sought-after producer and director who made films with the likes of Abbott and Costello and Red Skelton.

When Stephen was only four years old his father left the physical world, yet as a small child he was conscious of a presence around him - so much so that later in life Stephan began recognizing his dad’s spirit around him and out on movie sets.

When he was 22, Stephen walked into the Hollywood Cinema Dome and saw the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. He describes this experience as one that was so transfixing he began a metaphysical exploration that would take him through a lot of different doors, including earning a law degree.

Then just before his 30th birthday Stephen tells of a time when he begged his way into a job with an extraordinary producer who allowed him to become his assistant. This then led Stephen to call the author of a great book he had read and set up a lunch date. Three years later that book transformed into the movie Somewhere in Time, and that set him down the path of his individual producing career.

Since that time, Stephen Simon has produced several Hollywood movies and authored some inspirational books including his newest The Force Is with You: Mystical Movie Messages That Inspire Our Lives as well as Bringing Back The Old Hollywood: Wild Times and Life Lessons With Sinatra, Cruise, Reeve, Madonna and More where he talks about how as a young tyke he spent Sunday’s with his dad’s friends Red Skelton, Milton Berle, Jack Benny, and Lucille Ball and got to play touch football with Elvis Presley, and ride horses with Ronald Reagan.

Yet he also shares some very painful moments in his life - from a divorce, to bankruptcy, to a home foreclosure, Stephen's been in a place of ruins, and by the time he left Hollywood in 2001, he describes himself as "broke, demoralized, desperate, and deeply in debt."

Yet these were powerful pivotal shifts, because he now lives near Portland, Oregon, with his wife Lauren, takes pride in his six children and his pets and is living his passion which is “spirituality in movies,” meaning,“bringing about an inner-experience in which viewers can come to know God/Goddess/All that is, the Divine, Life, Spirit, the Universe, whatever it may be, in a very unique, internal, and individual way.” -- Because every movie Stephen touches profoundly helps people find their OWN meaning in their life.

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