Friday, February 22, 2013

Roland Comtois

"I am joyful.  It's been my honor . . . Thank you."

Where do your loved ones go after death?  Is there such a thing as eternal love? And if so is it really the secret key that unlocks door to the connection to the afterlife?  

These are just some of the questions Roland Comtois, an internationally acclaimed medium and public speaker gets asked.

Roland began his professional career in healing as a gerontology nurse, where he ministered to people who were nearing the end of their journey on this earth. It was there he used his lifetime of intuitive knowledge and began assisting departing souls through a loving transition to the after life. Roland's strong connection with the spiritual realm as well as being a master of Reiki energy work has allowed him to become an acclaimed inspirational medium and the author of And Then There Was Heaven, A Journey of Hope and Love as well as other beautiful creations including a spoken CD called "Spiritual Intentions” where he tells his personal story.

After first realizing his life’s calling at the age ten when his departed grandmother. Isabelle and a trio of angels came to visit him soon afterward, Roland was faced with many other life changing events that have guided him on his pre-ordained journey as a medium. From intuitive visions, angelic visits and heavenly encounters, he now uses his gift of healing to spread eternal love and faith throughout the world, and his "Messages for the Soul" audiences have reached the tens of thousands across the globe.

Thousands of people who have lost their loved ones have received intimate and compassionate communications from Roland and through his popular “purple papers” which are handwritten messages that he receives from the deceased often months and years in advance. These infamous purple papers messages somehow find the right person at the right time and at the right moment, and are intuitively carried by Roland and delivered to members of his audience. These beautiful messages reflect his overall mission and his purpose – that spiritual communication does exist and that love is eternal and everlasting.

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