Thursday, November 4, 2010

Danielle MacKinnon

"Michelle, I was excited for weeks to be on your call." ~ Danielle MacKinnon

World renown Intuitive Consultant, Danielle MacKinnon helps people transform their lives by teaching them how to apply simple tools prepared with love by spirit.  Her quirky sense of humor and 'practical approach to spirituality' is grounded in truth with a vision that empower individuals to live a most fulfilling and enjoyable life. 

Danielle's dedication to empowering her clients can be felt in everything she does…  She has been deeply connected to the animal kingdom from a very young age and has always had a close connection to th spirit world even though her family strongly insisted otherwise – - This then caused some self doubt in Danielle, so she went on to pursue her MBA and worked for the high-tech marketing industry… until one day she was introduced to a pet psychic who helped validate something inside her which has now allowed her to embrace her power completely by helping heal others at the very deepest of levels. 

Danielle has been featured in newspapers, magazines, radio programs and television shows. She has facilitated popular seminars in topics such as animal communication, soul contracts between humans and their pets, the psychic senses, and how to develop psychic intuition.  She's been featured in Psychic Medium John Holland’s book “Spirit Whisperer” and has taken the stage at the infamous Omega Institute presenting a weekend of Soul-Connections.
Having worked with Danielle before, I know from experience that she uses her strong psychic abilities to assist animals and their human families to better understand the soul contracts that exist, and I’m so grateful to call her my friend.
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