Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Eva Gregory

“Thanks sooo much,  Michelle. Thoroughly enjoyed it! You are a fabulous interviewer and with so much heart!”  ~ Eva Gregory, Conscious Channel, Master Coach, Speaker and Author

America’s FeelGood Coach™, Eva Gregory is a conscious channel, master coach, speaker and author of several programs and books including The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity, The Prosperity Game Home Study Course™, The Magnetizing Money Course™, 12 Weeks to Financial Fortune™ and Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction.

She received her coaching certification from The Coaches Training Institute with further training with CoachU and Corporate CoachU and was named International Coach of The Year in 2006.  Eva's business background includes over 20 years in finance & operations and marketing with a Fortune 100 corporation; as marketing executive of a software start-up firm; and as owner of her own coaching and training business.

After spending two decades immersing herself in the Law of Attraction, Eva took what she learned to new heights, first in her own life and then with her clients by instructing tens of thousands in person, on the radio and in teleconferences, seminars and workshops on how to deliberately create a life by design using the Law of Attraction. 

She's been a recognized authority in the Law of Attraction and has interviewed some of the most powerfully successful motivational experts of today on the radio.  She's been known as an expert on empowering others not only in their business lives, but in their personal lives with your unwavering belief that everyone has the power to change anything in their life and design it purposefully. 

In 2009, something amazing happened.. Eva asked her guides to begin more openly communicating with you.

Well, Eva asked and did receive, because this vibrational group of entities now channel their wonderful messages through her and has helped clear the path to channeling for so many others to allow them to move beyond the law of attraction and begin assisting others in how they, too, can tap into their high level guides.
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