Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Maryam Webster
"Michelle - meeting you has been such a dream come true, I'm so grateful for your blissful presence in my life. Love & Hugs 2u.” ~Author, ETHOS and Energy Psychologist, Maryam Webster 

Evolutionary Leadership Mentor Maryam Webster is an energy psychologist, author, and Director of The Energy Coach Institute. Maryam has been teaching others how to truly bloom in every day Bliss for over twenty years.

Maryam’s client list includes Stanford University, San Jose State University, and the Royal Airforce of the United Kingdom just to name a few... 

After being hit by a drunk driver in the 1990’s, Maryam endured the agony of a broken back and years of paralysis.  Though doctors had given up on her, and Maryam continued to persevere.  She then discovered the help of energy coaching which helped her walk, run and dance once again – If that weren’t miraculous enough, Maryam also began noticing that even her deep-seated problems disappeared...

This led Maryam on a path which has allowed her to create the ETHOS method, which she’ll be describing more in detail in just a few.  – ETHOS, which stands for Energy Transformation and Healing Open Source, is a blend of meridian energy therapies combined with the power of intention plus so much more.  ETHOS is a transformational tool that has been proven to magnify conscious awareness AND help heal no matter where you are...  be it extreme shyness, ADD, dyslexia, flashbacks from sexual abuse or even schizophrenia, ETHOS peels back the layers of limitation to fully connects you to your Higher Self, and that’s what this series is all about.

As a former research psychologist Maryam naturally looks at the WHY behind energy methods and will help us understand how to dissolve or eliminate negative beliefs and why it works so we can fully awaken to our truth.
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