Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jim Walsh - Intentional Chocolates(tm)

Jim Walsh is CEO of the HESA Institute which is known for creating “Energetic Foods” to Support the Human Energy System, is also the  Founder of Intentional Chocolate(tm) the first intention-enhanced food on the market, which is totally incredible!

In 1982 Jim became the CEO and founder of Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate which allowed him to be the first to grow cacao domestically in the United States.  Soon thereafter his journey became an intention of revealing & sharing this sweet nectar of the gods with the world, including the first chocolate the Dalai Lama ever tasted. 

In fact, Jim 's amazing gourmet chocolate company has had such success that much of the current literature about the Heart Healthy nature of dark chocolate has been promoted because of it, and top chefs throughout the world, including Emeril LaGasse, have been educating others on its wondrous effects ever since.

Even more amazing still, in October of 2007 Jim was spiritually pulled to educate the world on the power of intention with a single objective of creating products that nourish both body and spirit to improve quality of life for all.

Jim, along with several of his colleagues, including Dr. Dean Radin of the Institute of Noetic Sciences have been studying the energy fields of food which has helped him pave the way of honoring the 4000 year old mystical properties of the Maya cacao bean that is said to be a gift from Quetzalcoatl  “Kwetzle, Ko, wattle” the god of air, light, and life who traveled to earth on a beam of light and is predicted to be returning to earth in the year 2012.  © 2009 Soul-Felt Words, Inc.

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