Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ellen Britt

Ellen Britt's biography is extensive which goes right along with her love of learning.  As a mentor, internet strategist, writer and professional speaker she is sometimes referred to as a “knowledge hound” because she loves to share what she learns. 

Everything that Ellen shares comes through with tremendous passion and heart.  As the co-founder of Marketing Qi she combines powerful internet marketing strategies with proven energetic principles to bring spectacular business results. In addition to 22 years of practicing as a physician assistant and specializing in emergency medicine, occupational health and urgent care, she holds a doctorate in biology and has specialized in developing products and services that increase human stress resiliency with innovative guided imagery.
Ellen's extensive experience contains an unparalleled ability to teach and mentor others so their business can move to a higher level.  Her ability to help her clients and customers take action and put into place what they learn offers a satisfying freedom and personal empowerment that goes hand-in-hand with being in control of one’s future and one’s life.  © 2010 Soul-Felt Words, Inc.

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