Tuesday, November 9, 2010

MetaTelepath, Bryan Carlton-Flournoy

"Michelle, Thank you for opening a door and helping me step into my own light." 

MetaTelepath, Bryan Carlton Flournoy is a chemist, pharmacist and son of an Apostolic-Pentecostal preacher He was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio.  -- Six years into his career as a pharmacist, Bryan began experiencing a series of awakenings that helped him tap more fully into his medical intuitive abilities, until it became very clear that Bryan’s emphasis should be mentoring others regarding these experiences and to help them develop their intuitive skills.  Bryan is a metaphysical practitioner with a profound ability to SHOW others HOW they are "connected" to the spiritual path, and how we all have the capacity to use intuition and teach others about our gifts. 

While growing up, Bryan describes himself as a computer nerd.  Today, he writes daily "Bryanisms" to include the following:  "If we replaced the question, "Why?" with "What did I want to learn?" we'd understand that "Purpose" is more revealing than "Reason," and that all answers are within and not without."

So very true!

As a Meta-Telepath, Bryan's expertise includes Animal Communications, Mediumship, Akashic Records, Medical Intuitive Readings, Past Life Sessions, and Future Projection. 
He has used his gifts to help others affirm their Highest Self and has helped light the way so others can more clearly see where they are headed next. 

I’ve personally experienced Bryan's work and can tell you he helped illuminate my spiritual gifts and began by pulling gem after gem of insight for my observation which included many of my past careers and reasons why I had taken each position and how they have helped connect me to who I am today -- What at first began as what seemed like independent and unrelated seeds of information soon merged into a beautiful garden of cohesive creation that not only allowed me to understand why I’ve taken the paths that I have but also gave me clearer insight on where my path will lead from here and what may surface in the future with free will.

Bryan has used his gifts to not only cultivate conversations with myself but with some of the biggest named luminaries of all times.  As the founder and teacher of the “Making It All Click Visionary Series” he has interviewed hundreds of authors, spiritual teachers, metaphysicians, practitioners and researchers in spirituality field.
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